Spring Capsule Wardrobe Shopping


Yesterday I went shopping for my spring wardrobe and found some really good deals! I can’t believe how fast money goes…I budgeted more than I have in the past and still went over, lol. I’ve found though as I learned yesterday, that lists don’t work. For me anyways…I was SO organized- to the point of being insane. I had my money planned out according to each store and each clothes category, and after each store I would write down what I bought, how much it was, etc. When I got in the store I slowly started to panic…I wasn’t seeing anything on my list. Here’s my thoughts after pondering this problem for awhile 🙂 :

When you make a list, you’re essentially creating a picture in your mind of what you hope to get. You think of a graphic tee and all of a sudden, there in your mind is the picture of your *perfect* graphic tee. Same thing with any clothes item. My experience was a little scary- because I had pictured myself going into the store and one by one getting everything on my list…but that doesn’t really work. So once I let go of my “perfect” plan, I just got things that I truly loved, and it ended up being a very productive and great shopping trip 🙂
Another thing I found out was that while you shouldn’t be TOO organized, it is absolutely necessary to keep track of what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. I re-evaluated everything I was about to purchase and tried to think of what it would match and how useful it would be…and then added up the cost so I was prepared (lol, I brought a real calculator). If someone wasn’t organized at all, it would be a shock to find out that what you bought isn’t useful in the least.
So…all that to say: when you go shopping, don’t create a mental picture of something that literally cannot happen. Try your best, but if it’s not working, then just look for things that reflect YOU and that you love. And it’ll all come together : )


Capsule Wardrobe {Spring Edition}

Sorry about not posting much on here lately- things have been pretty crazy with our health issues and diets, etc. But in this post I’d like to talk a little bit about why I love the capsule wardrobe idea so much, share Caroline Rector’s new spring capsule, and decide what I’m going to include in mine.
Capsule wardrobes make everything easier. Instead of using up so much closet space with clothes that you either don’t like or don’t wear, this idea is to make use of everything: both style and space. The point is to have 37 (or thereabouts) articles of clothing and shoes for a 3 month period. I’m going to make my capsule last for 2 seasons so I’ll have a spring/summer edition and a fall/winter one. It’s easier for me to go shopping and get everything I need for generally warm weather and then the same later on in the year. Plus, you can budget things a little more that way 🙂 But you can do whatever works best for you! In a week I’ll be shopping for my spring/summer capsule and by then, will hopefully have my list made out of what I need. Here’s what you need:

Budget (plan a little extra in case you find something AMAZING. haha.)
Prepare (make a list of what you like to wear and what you want your go-to pieces to be.)
Buy (go out there and just have fun- sometimes it’s easier to not look at the price on something first…this makes you realize how much or how little you truly love a certain piece of clothing.)
Wear (make sure that you bought what you need- so that’s why preparing is so important : )

Here is Caroline Rector’s Spring Capsule: (if you didn’t know, she’s the one who created the entire idea of a capsule wardrobe.)

My Health Routine

Lately I’ve been trying out a lot of different things to become a healthier person- and I’ve been making headway! Actually, I have been sick for awhile, but that’s because it’s cold season and I couldn’t really help catching one…but hopefully as my immune system gets stronger, it won’t last so long. To make a long story short, there are so many different areas to work on when trying to become healthier- and I’ll share only a few that I’ve learned.

  • Food. What comes out reflects what goes in, so make it good! Everyone needs green vegetables like Kale or Chard, the reason being that they have the minerals which help the body absorb good fatty acids. Without them, your body can’t use the good stuff, so you’re defeating the purpose of eating right. Besides greens, everyone should stay away from the Nightshade family which are potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. Nightshades used to be poisonous- and when taken in large quantities, can harm you. So…enough said- just stick with good meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains that don’t contain gluten.
  • Water. Your digestive system can NOT do it’s job if you’re not helping! So if you’re experiencing any digestive issues, try drinking water. In fact, for ANY problem you have, water is sure to help. A gallon a day is ideal, but that is a ton of water- so maybe start with half a gallon : )
  • Fatty Acids. The best way to help your body out (next to the points above) is to eat healthy fatty acids. People all over are of course gorging on fatty foods…but they’re the wrong kind of fat! Totally wrong. Fatty acids help your body fill up with nutrients, so that it will reject other bad fats. So cool, right?
  • Exercising. Getting those muscles warmed up and your heart rate up is always good- I’ve been walking 3 miles each day, and it’s nice to do those periods of HIIT training which helps with calorie burning.

The end result? Hopefully feeling your best! Who knows, putting these tips into practice could mean the beginning of a great time of health in your life : )

Closet Breakthrough: Capsule Wardrobe

I just found my new favorite blog viewing experience on https://www.bloglovin.com/ this week and it has been amazing! I love having my 12 favorite blogs on one page and be able to view my feed every morning. Anyways, so while I was browsing the blogs, I found THE almost best blog ever! Check it out here: http://www.un-fancy.com/ Caroline (the fashion blogger) has the greatest ideas on the minimalist closet. While reading, I realized her whole fashion mission was the capsule wardrobe which you can read extensively about on her blog (link above). In short, a capsule wardrobe is a closet/dresser with only 37 pieces of clothing (and shoes) in it. The point is- you pick the articles of clothing that you love and wear them for a season. Here’s more about how it works:
You can pair your categories into tops/bottoms and then from there into groups of 3. 3 is a good number because to add variety to your closet, you can easily buy one bold item, one classic, and one in-between. You can repeat this with every set of three and that way you have something a little different with each outfit.
3 tees
3 button-ups
3 sleeveless tops
3 sweaters
3 pairs of pants
3 pairs of shorts
3 skirts
3 dresses
3 jackets
3 vests
3 pairs of leggings
4 pairs of shoes

I am definitely trying this idea out- in fact, even if you haven’t gone shopping lately and aren’t planning to for a little white (like me) you can do this right now with what you have. And feel free to play around with it! For example, I just cleaned out my closet and only have about 20-25 items instead of 37. But if that works for you, than go for it! When I go spring/summer shopping, I’m planning on following the plan exactly, but for now- cleaner and simpler just feels so good : )

Homemade Hair Products

Recently I’ve been trying to figure out a way to moisturize my hair- usually in the winter (and summer) it gets very dried out and brittle, and since I’m on this health streak…why not find some natural way to cure this? *I have to admit, I haven’t tried all of these options I’m going to give, but only bits and pieces put together.* About 6 months ago, I made a hair lotion/moisturizer that worked extremely well for me- the only problem is, I can’t find the recipe online anymore. So…I have to go by memory. As far as quantities of the ingredients go, you can just start with small amounts and up them if it looks like it needs it.

1/2 cup water
1 TB. honey
A spoonful of aloe vera gel
1-2 tsp. of lemon juice

And stir it all together. I also added some lilac scent to it and put it in a glass jar. Why I like this hair product is because you can put it on right after you wash your hair and it makes it shine, but not get greasy. It was especially helpful in the summer because my hair usually gets pretty frizzy. Note: it will be watery, but you just have to put in a jar and use your fingers to apply or put it in a spritz bottle. And it also doesn’t take much to work so don’t go overboard : )
So anyways, that’s my experience with homemade hair products. I also tried homemade hairspray, but unfortunately, that didn’t work so well, lol. What I’m going to try next is simply mixing some honey in water and putting it in my hair right after shampooing- mainly to give shine and moisture. There are plenty of other options as well, like egg yolk/whites, mayonnaise, yogurt, sour cream, lemon juice, beer, cornstarch, and avocado. But I have an aversion to putting eggs and random salad dressing ingredients on my hair- so I’m just going for the honey : )
I do encourage you to research whatever healthy alternative you want for something- you’ll find lots of options and trust me…it’s always going to be better with something natural. It may not give you the “exact” effect you were wanting, but in the long run- your hair will probably be much healthier and last longer.