5 Tips For Looking Your Best

My word is CUTE. I like the sophisticated looks, but I like the flowy dresses, the oversized scarves, and the comfy and cute plaid shirts better. I’m the person that gravitates to looking cute, not beautiful. So whereas someone may be strikingly stylish, that style is just not my thing. I’m a small person (lol) and it doesn’t work for me to make myself look SUPER stylish…so I go for the classy cute look. For this post, I’d like to share a few things that help me find whatever look I’m going for: (And btw, these are my tips, they’re not borrowed from any professional fashion bloggers, so if you find they’re totally off the wall, blame me : )

1. Always go for balance. If you wear a form-fitting top, wear either tailored pants (not tight) or a loose skirt. I find that either the top or bottom of a person should be tight, because that way it balances out the other side. Some people like the whole outfit tight, which for me just does not work. So anyways, that’s my first tip.

2. Match your hair style with your outfit. If you have a shorter haircut and you don’t change it up, then that’s fine. For me, I have a longer bob hair cut and I like to go back and forth from curly to straight. If I keep my hair curly while wearing an outfit that best fits that, then it just looks better. Straight hair is much more sophisticated, so if you’re wearing black, straight hair looks better. Again, it’s just balancing the looks.

3. Accessories make or break the outfit. I have a pair of retro glasses that I wear sometimes, and I find it interesting that on certain days they totally make the outfit pop while other days I’m like “eh” about them. So it totally depends on the outfit. I can safely say that if it matches, a scarf will make everything better. Sometimes they’re not very practical for whatever job you might have, but it adds so much character and for me and my body shape, they tend to brighten my top half and help focus on that.

4. Go out of your way to find great pants. Let me say, I have an ongoing struggle with pants. They have to be perfect for me to fall in love with them, and I really only have one pair of jeans that does that for me. When you’re trying to decide if pants work for you, see if they hug the right places on you. If not, there’s no way to change that and it’s better to not get them at all. (Trust me, I’ve gone through pair after pair of pants that didn’t work out : ) For people with a larger bone structure (I’m being delicate here), darker pants are the right choice. Even reds and blues will work…the bright colors like yellow and orange may not be the right colors. For other people, anything works. And cuffs work great on pants that are too long- roll them up once or twice and it gives a nice little edge to the pants.

5. Lastly, and most importantly, go with what you’re feelin’. Some days I get ready for church and I’m am so not feeling whatever I had planned to wear…so I pick something different. The thing is, if you wear something you feel good about, even if it’s not that stylish, it will show in your face and make you appear more confident. And confidence is something no one can outshine.


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