My Fitness Routine

I thought I’d share what my sister, mom, and I have been doing to stay in shape these few cold months. During the summer, we usually do some biking 3 times a week or just whenever we feel like it. But when it starts to get cold, then what? Well…we also bought an elliptical machine, which works fine, but is rather boring. You sit there and pedal, pedal, pedal…so it never really made us enthusiastic about exercising. Recently my mom found a technique that seems to work really well for us. It’s a program called Walk At Home and is a cardio workout that just hits every body part really well. Fitness is a big thing to me- it means a lot to stay in shape all winter long, to feel better about myself, and just be healthier. I recently took a CPR class and it was shocking to hear the percentage of unhealthy hearts in America…almost all of heart attacks happen because their hearts are weak. So that inspired me even more to keep my heart healthy and not just worry about losing weight. Anyways, this program we just tried out today and it was a ton of fun! There were several HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) intervals so that it was an awesome workout- including some good dance songs in the background! : D Then my younger sister and I do some muscle workouts afterwards, and while we’re super tired after 47 minutes of cardio, it pays off to do some muscle work while the muscles are still warm and active. So this and this are the two 12 and 15 minute muscle toning routines. Yes, at first they were pretty hard because there’s quite a high number of reps, but lately I’ve been handling it better, haha. So there you have it, my fitness routine that I do 3 times a week. While we’re still doing the 3 mile cardio workout, I’m hoping we can get up to the 4 mile one next year…oh yeah, burn those calories! LOL


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