A Healthy and Light Dinner

So on Saturday nights we usually eat something light and snacky so tonight my sister and I put together a meal that was organic and light. We had:


Carrot sticks

Organic bread with raw cheese

Apple slices

What I like about this meal is that it’s so balanced. The bread we eat is Ezekiel bread, a recipe taken from the book of Ezekiel in the Bible- yeah, it’s a bunch of grains and it’s as healthy as you can get without going totally gluten-free : ) But somehow we’ve gotten used to it and it’s actually quite good. Tomorrow we’re having a beef roast with potatoes and a carrot salad. The most important thing when eating is moderation- so as long as you have a little unorganic stuff but balance it out with organic nutritious things. Meat, vegetables, and fruit make up the best meal- and less starch is better. But try and enjoy eating healthy : )


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