So my mom decided that sprouts would be a really good way to get enzymes…not so sure about it myself, but since I claim to love fitness, why not get some extra enzymes in there, right? Haha. So Sunday night our 2nd batch was done (different than the first one which nobody liked) and we actually could tolerate them! For those who don’t know, sprouts are garden seeds you just let grow inside and then eat. They’re special sprouting seeds, and I can’t remember offhand where my mom gets ours. But anyways, you put them in a jar with a special lid that has holes in it and tip it upside down. You rinse them about once a day in water for a week (maybe 2) and then they’re ready. They are like little seeds with soft stems coming out of them, and even though some can be bitter, they aren’t especially bad tasting. We tried ours Sunday night on some bread with mayonnaise and mustard like you’d do a sandwich and it was surprisingly okay! (Favorite Sherlock line, lol: ) So I think I know what we’ll be having for a while. My mom also did a batch of spicy ones with mustard and rubarb seeds, but I have yet to try those- mmm, yummy! LOL


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