Gluten and Dairy-Free Weekly Menu

My family has gone through many, many, MANY menus over the years! Almost every 6 months we change the menu…but it’s always been a weekly plan. The reason for this is that we enjoy eating the same things over and over- and a week between each meal seems to be just the right amount of time. Also, it’s kind of hard to think of more than 7 meals at a time that everyone likes. So recently, as you know, my family has started a gluten and dairy-free journey into health. We are all “O” blood types, which just happen to not tolerate gluten and dairy. So this whole time, we’ve been feeding ourselves gluten and dairy galore without knowing it! Now there has to be some major changes. So I wrote out this menu that I will share (with some collaboration from my family : ) I’m actually feeling kind of bittersweet about it- because I know that eating well will gain us some immense benefits…but on the other hand, there goes all the enjoyable meals we’ve had and in comes spinach and kale. Yay! (I’m trying to make myself love this diet.) Like any diet, you know it’s good for you, but it’s hard to accept it. But I’m trying. Now note that this menu has NO gluten, but we may have dairy in some of the salad dressings and maybe butter on some of the veggies. We’re trying to give ourselves a little leeway on the dairy, because really- a little dairy makes all that tasty spinach taste so much better : )

Sunday: Pot roast w/ sweet potatoes (potatoes aren’t good for our blood type but we do splurge on Thursday)

Monday– Rice and sausage/ stirfry/ chicken and rice with broccili

Tuesday– Soups: Chili, vegetable beef, chicken noodle

Wednesday– Taco dip/ Mexicali hamburger cabbage casserole

Thursday– Potato dish: Shepherd’s pie, bubble and squeak w/beef

Friday– Vegetarian quiche with eggs, broccoli, and spinach

Saturday– Maid rites in lettuce wraps (this is pretty much just hamburger in lettuce)

Side dishes: coleslaw, carrot slaw, Quinoa, broccoli salad, tossed salad, kale chips, cooked green beans, broccoli, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes


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