Homemade Hair Products

Recently I’ve been trying to figure out a way to moisturize my hair- usually in the winter (and summer) it gets very dried out and brittle, and since I’m on this health streak…why not find some natural way to cure this? *I have to admit, I haven’t tried all of these options I’m going to give, but only bits and pieces put together.* About 6 months ago, I made a hair lotion/moisturizer that worked extremely well for me- the only problem is, I can’t find the recipe online anymore. So…I have to go by memory. As far as quantities of the ingredients go, you can just start with small amounts and up them if it looks like it needs it.

1/2 cup water
1 TB. honey
A spoonful of aloe vera gel
1-2 tsp. of lemon juice

And stir it all together. I also added some lilac scent to it and put it in a glass jar. Why I like this hair product is because you can put it on right after you wash your hair and it makes it shine, but not get greasy. It was especially helpful in the summer because my hair usually gets pretty frizzy. Note: it will be watery, but you just have to put in a jar and use your fingers to apply or put it in a spritz bottle. And it also doesn’t take much to work so don’t go overboard : )
So anyways, that’s my experience with homemade hair products. I also tried homemade hairspray, but unfortunately, that didn’t work so well, lol. What I’m going to try next is simply mixing some honey in water and putting it in my hair right after shampooing- mainly to give shine and moisture. There are plenty of other options as well, like egg yolk/whites, mayonnaise, yogurt, sour cream, lemon juice, beer, cornstarch, and avocado. But I have an aversion to putting eggs and random salad dressing ingredients on my hair- so I’m just going for the honey : )
I do encourage you to research whatever healthy alternative you want for something- you’ll find lots of options and trust me…it’s always going to be better with something natural. It may not give you the “exact” effect you were wanting, but in the long run- your hair will probably be much healthier and last longer.


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