Closet Breakthrough: Capsule Wardrobe

I just found my new favorite blog viewing experience on this week and it has been amazing! I love having my 12 favorite blogs on one page and be able to view my feed every morning. Anyways, so while I was browsing the blogs, I found THE almost best blog ever! Check it out here: Caroline (the fashion blogger) has the greatest ideas on the minimalist closet. While reading, I realized her whole fashion mission was the capsule wardrobe which you can read extensively about on her blog (link above). In short, a capsule wardrobe is a closet/dresser with only 37 pieces of clothing (and shoes) in it. The point is- you pick the articles of clothing that you love and wear them for a season. Here’s more about how it works:
You can pair your categories into tops/bottoms and then from there into groups of 3. 3 is a good number because to add variety to your closet, you can easily buy one bold item, one classic, and one in-between. You can repeat this with every set of three and that way you have something a little different with each outfit.
3 tees
3 button-ups
3 sleeveless tops
3 sweaters
3 pairs of pants
3 pairs of shorts
3 skirts
3 dresses
3 jackets
3 vests
3 pairs of leggings
4 pairs of shoes

I am definitely trying this idea out- in fact, even if you haven’t gone shopping lately and aren’t planning to for a little white (like me) you can do this right now with what you have. And feel free to play around with it! For example, I just cleaned out my closet and only have about 20-25 items instead of 37. But if that works for you, than go for it! When I go spring/summer shopping, I’m planning on following the plan exactly, but for now- cleaner and simpler just feels so good : )


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