My Health Routine

Lately I’ve been trying out a lot of different things to become a healthier person- and I’ve been making headway! Actually, I have been sick for awhile, but that’s because it’s cold season and I couldn’t really help catching one…but hopefully as my immune system gets stronger, it won’t last so long. To make a long story short, there are so many different areas to work on when trying to become healthier- and I’ll share only a few that I’ve learned.

  • Food. What comes out reflects what goes in, so make it good! Everyone needs green vegetables like Kale or Chard, the reason being that they have the minerals which help the body absorb good fatty acids. Without them, your body can’t use the good stuff, so you’re defeating the purpose of eating right. Besides greens, everyone should stay away from the Nightshade family which are potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. Nightshades used to be poisonous- and when taken in large quantities, can harm you. So…enough said- just stick with good meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains that don’t contain gluten.
  • Water. Your digestive system can NOT do it’s job if you’re not helping! So if you’re experiencing any digestive issues, try drinking water. In fact, for ANY problem you have, water is sure to help. A gallon a day is ideal, but that is a ton of water- so maybe start with half a gallon : )
  • Fatty Acids. The best way to help your body out (next to the points above) is to eat healthy fatty acids. People all over are of course gorging on fatty foods…but they’re the wrong kind of fat! Totally wrong. Fatty acids help your body fill up with nutrients, so that it will reject other bad fats. So cool, right?
  • Exercising. Getting those muscles warmed up and your heart rate up is always good- I’ve been walking 3 miles each day, and it’s nice to do those periods of HIIT training which helps with calorie burning.

The end result? Hopefully feeling your best! Who knows, putting these tips into practice could mean the beginning of a great time of health in your life : )


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