Capsule Wardrobe {Spring Edition}

Sorry about not posting much on here lately- things have been pretty crazy with our health issues and diets, etc. But in this post I’d like to talk a little bit about why I love the capsule wardrobe idea so much, share Caroline Rector’s new spring capsule, and decide what I’m going to include in mine.
Capsule wardrobes make everything easier. Instead of using up so much closet space with clothes that you either don’t like or don’t wear, this idea is to make use of everything: both style and space. The point is to have 37 (or thereabouts) articles of clothing and shoes for a 3 month period. I’m going to make my capsule last for 2 seasons so I’ll have a spring/summer edition and a fall/winter one. It’s easier for me to go shopping and get everything I need for generally warm weather and then the same later on in the year. Plus, you can budget things a little more that way 🙂 But you can do whatever works best for you! In a week I’ll be shopping for my spring/summer capsule and by then, will hopefully have my list made out of what I need. Here’s what you need:

Budget (plan a little extra in case you find something AMAZING. haha.)
Prepare (make a list of what you like to wear and what you want your go-to pieces to be.)
Buy (go out there and just have fun- sometimes it’s easier to not look at the price on something first…this makes you realize how much or how little you truly love a certain piece of clothing.)
Wear (make sure that you bought what you need- so that’s why preparing is so important : )

Here is Caroline Rector’s Spring Capsule: (if you didn’t know, she’s the one who created the entire idea of a capsule wardrobe.)


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