Spring Capsule Wardrobe Shopping


Yesterday I went shopping for my spring wardrobe and found some really good deals! I can’t believe how fast money goes…I budgeted more than I have in the past and still went over, lol. I’ve found though as I learned yesterday, that lists don’t work. For me anyways…I was SO organized- to the point of being insane. I had my money planned out according to each store and each clothes category, and after each store I would write down what I bought, how much it was, etc. When I got in the store I slowly started to panic…I wasn’t seeing anything on my list. Here’s my thoughts after pondering this problem for awhile 🙂 :

When you make a list, you’re essentially creating a picture in your mind of what you hope to get. You think of a graphic tee and all of a sudden, there in your mind is the picture of your *perfect* graphic tee. Same thing with any clothes item. My experience was a little scary- because I had pictured myself going into the store and one by one getting everything on my list…but that doesn’t really work. So once I let go of my “perfect” plan, I just got things that I truly loved, and it ended up being a very productive and great shopping trip 🙂
Another thing I found out was that while you shouldn’t be TOO organized, it is absolutely necessary to keep track of what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. I re-evaluated everything I was about to purchase and tried to think of what it would match and how useful it would be…and then added up the cost so I was prepared (lol, I brought a real calculator). If someone wasn’t organized at all, it would be a shock to find out that what you bought isn’t useful in the least.
So…all that to say: when you go shopping, don’t create a mental picture of something that literally cannot happen. Try your best, but if it’s not working, then just look for things that reflect YOU and that you love. And it’ll all come together : )


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