Spring Capsule Wardrobe Shopping

Yesterday I went shopping for my spring wardrobe and found some really good deals! I can’t believe how fast money goes…I budgeted more than I have in the past and still went over, lol. I’ve found though as I learned yesterday, that lists don’t work. For me anyways…I was SO organized- to the point of […]

Capsule Wardrobe {Spring Edition}

Sorry about not posting much on here lately- things have been pretty crazy with our health issues and diets, etc. But in this post I’d like to talk a little bit about why I love the capsule wardrobe idea so much, share Caroline Rector’s new spring capsule, and decide what I’m going to include in […]

My Health Routine

Lately I’ve been trying out a lot of different things to become a healthier person- and I’ve been making headway! Actually, I have been sick for awhile, but that’s because it’s cold season and I couldn’t really help catching one…but hopefully as my immune system gets stronger, it won’t last so long. To make a […]

Fav January Looks

I know that bloggers have “Winter/Summer/etc. Lookbooks” but I wanted to share my favorite winter looks from my favorite bloggers. So here are a few outfits that I think are super cute and yet practical. Rachel Martino http://www.rachmartino.com/ Caroline Joy http://www.un-fancy.com/ Kendall Johnson http://styledsnapshots.com Which is your favorite? Comment below and let me know your thoughts : )

Closet Breakthrough: Capsule Wardrobe

I just found my new favorite blog viewing experience on https://www.bloglovin.com/ this week and it has been amazing! I love having my 12 favorite blogs on one page and be able to view my feed every morning. Anyways, so while I was browsing the blogs, I found THE almost best blog ever! Check it out here: http://www.un-fancy.com/ Caroline (the […]

Homemade Hair Products

Recently I’ve been trying to figure out a way to moisturize my hair- usually in the winter (and summer) it gets very dried out and brittle, and since I’m on this health streak…why not find some natural way to cure this? *I have to admit, I haven’t tried all of these options I’m going to […]